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Kelly Davidson

This legal firm is the one I would highly recommend. The lawyer was very helpful. He helped my son get out of the stunt driving case. He was keeping us informed about the case.

Mary Riirfj

The lawyer was awesome! He was very helpful and dealt with my case of stunt driving in a great way. I am not a law expert and had no idea about what to do to get out of this mess. But this legal firm helped me the most.

Joshua Gallo

I and a couple of my friends were out on the streets doing bike stunts when and cops came and charged us with stunt driving. My mom lost the chills when I told about this to her. Without waiting for anything she got in touch with this legal firm and booked a meeting with the lawyer the same day. He took the matter in his hands and I was lucky enough to get his guidance. He helped me get rid of the charges and took care of all the legal formalities.

Cassandra Lesser

I was looking for a former police prosecutor who could present me in the court due. Since my drug possession case was a bit complicated, none of the lawyers I hired before was ready to deal with it. But then I found this legal firm and it became my last hope. They agreed to present me in court. The case has been resolved and thankfully the results were what I wanted. The prosecutor listened to me patiently and studied the case very well. This is what professionalism looks like.

Charles Fullwood

My father was in police custody from the past 3 days due to the case of drug possession and it was hard seeing him like this. I wanted to hire the best lawyer in Toronto and all thanks to my cousin who told me about this legal firm. I got in touch with one of their former police prosecutor who presented my dad in the court. God bless him because all due to his efforts the verdict came in my dad’s favor. The moment I got to know that he is coming back home, I thanked the prosecutor.

Siobhan Blandford

I could have been put behind the bars for careless driving had it not been for Ontario Legal Ltd. amazing legal help, which saved me from getting apprehended by the police for long. I will be forever grateful.

Sheryl Jayne

A couple of friends of mine were doing bike stunts on the road and police came. We were held and the case of stunt driving was filed against us. But thankfully one of my friends gave me the reference to this legal service providing company and I reach out to them. The lawyer was amazing. He took care of all the legal formalities and helped me get out of this mess that I created.

Benedict Aguirre

I was struggling with a case of DUI. While I was coming late at night from a party, I was caught by the police. I never had any such case before and so I wanted to clear out my records and this legal firm helped me out a lot. The lawyer that I got was very knowledgeable and knew exactly what to do.

Phil Nolan

The police had embroiled me in a case of stunt driving. I sought their help and they managed to have the charges against me dropped. I will always be full of gratitude.

Helen Hoffman

I had a case of a traffic ticket and I had some impending official work so I ad to make it go away ASAP. The help that I got from this place was amazing and I will never forget their assistance.

Jon Gallegos

There was a case against me for careless driving and I needed some help for that. Someone suggested that I should get help from this legal company. I approached them and I did get the assistance I needed. I will say that this is a good company.

jan harris

I was looking for a former police prosecutor for getting myself represented in a case and it was then that a friend had suggested going for this legal firm’s services. I liked my experience here with these guys.

Florence Dorsey

There was a case of over speeding and I had a traffic ticket. I needed someone to fight my case for me and I am very glad that he readily took up my case and got me out of all the troubles.

James Wong

I was stopped on the 407 for excessive speeding/stunt driving, doing 184km/h in 100km/h zone. When I got home I was panicked and searched for someone to represent me. I cannot lose my license because I work as a truck driver so I was worried that my career would be over or my employment severely impacted. I was facing demerit points and license suspension, and as the only supporter of my family I was very upset of what can happen financially.

I googled stunt driving law firms and after speaking to many companies and looking at online reviews, one of them was AM Legal Services. The person who answered the phone was Mark who stated he was the area manager. After I learned that one of his staff was a former police prosecutor and reading all the positive reviews I decided to hire them.

I’m 8 months into representation and I was notified by their office that on the next court date my stunt driving charge will be withdrawn due to the inconsistency of the evidence of the OPP officer and the use of the radar.

This company just saved my career as my family and career would have been impacted financially plus the high rates of insurance I would have to pay.

I want everyone reading this to understand what I had to go through mentally and what this could have cost me financially. This legal firm really cares. IF I COULD GIVE THIS COMPANY 10 STARS I WOULD.


Jason C

I received a cell phone handheld communication ticket and I didn’t know what to do because I knew this was a serious ticket that could affect my insurance. My uncle referred me to this company and they acted on it immediately. I was told they had to review all the evidence by police first before they could give their recommendation on how to proceed with this matter.

The result? Cell phone ticket dismissed. No charges, no conviction, no fine, and most important no record.

Priya Gurdath

Without a doubt one of the best decisions I made was to hire and retain Ontario Legal for my charges. I was hit with careless driving, speeding (38km over the limit) and following too close. I thought I would never get out of these charges and because I was facing at least a 30 day suspension and possible jail time I was at risk of losing my job too. Well Mark took care of everything right from the start. He set me up with a fantastic professional lawyer who was always available to take my calls and answered every question and concern that I had. Almost a year later EVERYTHING was dismissed! I even cried but I was so happy! It was like getting my freedom back again.


Marco L

People this is THE LEGAL FIRM to represent you when in trouble! I was facing a 30 day driving suspension PLUS 15 days in jail because the crown wanted to teach me a lesson since I’ve been charged in the past with other offences. I wish I knew Mark back in my day!

He connected me with an amazing traffic ticket lawyer, ex prosecutor. Extremely professional but very down to earth and approachable. He listened to my story and explanation, reviewed the cop’s evidence and before I knew it my careless driving and stunt driving charges were dropped! It took several months of waiting and appearing but Ontario Legal came through like a shining star!

Mark my friend you are a gentleman and a scholar. Thank you thank you thank you.

James Rupert

I cannot believe when I call this company at 2am in the morning, that someone actually answered the phone. I was involved in a major car accident, I was charged with careless driving, impaired driving and a DUI. I was in tears when I called them because my career would be over if I received a criminal charge, also my insurance would’ve been cancelled. Immediately a gentlemen by the name of Mark who is the area manager, calmed my nerves. He 3-wayed me to a lawyer who was a Former Police Prosecutor. After 7 months of negotiating and looking for loop holes in my case, my criminal charge were dismissed completly! No jail time, no fine and no conviction on my record.

This is one serious professional company with experienced staff who actually care about you! Who answers the phone at 2am on a Sunday morning?

Thank You guys for saving my career. I don’t know what would’ve happened if I lost my case.

Good job. Thanks again!!

Liz C

Professional , insightful and works together with the clients no matter the situation .

Leann S

A Family member was looking at 2 years for 5 different criminal charges as well as he facing deportation. Ontario legal Ltd was the only company I was aware of having former police prosecutors. Since the conclusion of the case 4/5 charges have been dropped, his sentence has reduced greatly and he isn’t facing deportation. Thank you for you FANTASTIC work Ontario Legal LTD.

Tony Wright

My cousin and I were charged with assault and assault with a weapon. This company referred me to former prosecutor in their office. I thought, with a witness present I would be convicted and have a criminal record. Their lawyer was AMAZING. No conviction. I could have lost my job.
Thank you to you and your team for doing a fantastic job.


I approached Ontario Legal because I had a cell phone ticked while driving with a suspended licence. Not only did they refer me to the right lawyer, my charge for cell phone was dismissed and got off completely on my drive under suspension where i was facing a 6 month suspension possible jail time. The lawyer they referred me to also assisted me in reinstating my licence. I had over $18,000 in fines for driving without insurance 4 years ago. Great Legal Service. All my friends used their service. They are also 24 hrs a day/ 7 days a week

Georgina Burns

I was charged with Stunt Driving and DUI in one day and was extremely stressed out. I was in risk of losing my driver’s licence and my job as I needed a driver’s licence in order stay employed. I was in the risk of losing my family as well as we were in financial debt and it was putting a lot of stress in our lives.

In god’s grace, I came across this excellent organization who not only assured me success but also made sure I can afford their services without going in to even deeper debt! They are so flexible with payments and extremely professional!

My Stunt driving charge was WITHDRAWN! AND my DUI charge was reduced! I avoided jail time, having my licence suspended and most importantly SECURED MY JOB!

I couldn’t thank these group of wonderful people enough!

Patrick Robinson

INCREDIBLE!! I couldn’t be happier! I had my trial date last week and I was Frantic! I was charged with stunt driving 200 km in 100 km zone but I was completely innocent! The police officer did not show me the radar gun and on top of that my car was having issues and there was NO WAY i was going that fast!

But luckily these group of people were so helpful and knowledgeable and they believed in me 100 percent! I was advised to speak to one of their lawyers who was a former prosecutor and he said I should go to trial and FIGHT. So he and I went to my trial and KILLED IT ! I was shocked, happy, anxious and completely amazed at how hard this company worked to have my case rectified! Excellent work guys!

Rob b

Best company by far for STUNT DRIVING AND CELL PHONE. I was going 192 km / 100 km zone on the 407 Hwy. Opp pulled me over. This was my 2nd offence for Stunt Driving. Prosecutor was asking 15 days in jail and a 6 month suspension due to my bad driving record.
At trial ALL charges were dismissed .
#1 company in Ontario.

Ronen Ben Aaron

This company has the best access to Former Police Prosecutors/ Former Crown attorneys. I know from personal experience. My close friends had their criminal charges dismissed ! …More

Ryan J

I contacted Ontario legal and spoke with Mark about my charge for careless driving causing an accident. I was facing six demerit points and a possible drivers license suspension. He referred me to the right lawyer/paralegals and they were able to get my charges dismissed. I got no demerit points, no license suspension, no fines and more importantly NO CONVICTION. I highly recommend 10/10 fantastic job! 🙂

Kaan Celenk

Mark and his team are TRUELY AMAZING from my traffic tickets to even my federal charges everything he promises You happens and I can vouch for that. He promised me to wipe out my driving record and get rid of every ticket and he did exactly that. When it comes to my federal matter I was charged with possession, robberies and breach of probation but after calling Mark he promised me he would take care of everything and he did just that. He gave me a former (Police Prosecutor) By the name of Yaroslav and my god is this guy great when I would go to court with Yaro other lawyers would come up and ask him for advice that’s how GREAT HE IS. Wether you have a driving charge or federal matter. Mark is the GUY TO CALL… THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING 🙏

Harish Uthayakumar

Recently had my careless driving court dealt with through Mark and his team. Walked away from the ticket with just a $100 fine. NO conviction NO record. Careless driving is a hefty charge. 6 point conviction making it the worse ticket you could possibly get.The story behind this was i got into a collision with a barrier on the highway and was charged with careless driving by OPP. A friend of mine gave me Marks number and told me hes the best lawyer youll find. Gave him a call and e transferred him money without out even seeing him in person. This happened way back in September and within that time I recommended him to 3 of my friends whos cases he is now dealing with. I still have a speeding ticket case that will be dealt with later on in the year and feel confident about winning with Mark and his team by my side.

Santhos Englebert

I got charged with stunt driving and couple of other charges. I called Mark the next day and him n his team were already on my case. I got nothing but excellent service. They got my stunt driving charge completely thrown out and saved me alot of money from paying fines. There definitely a recommendation if your in any trouble with the law.

Asifur Rahman

Would definitely recommend. Mark who walked me through any questions/concerns I had, seems to always be available and very professional. Made this process extremely easy, and also offers the lowest quotes than any other firm. Thanks for making it easy.

Jude Arulappu

Mark Anthony manager of Ontario legals he referred me to a licensed paralegal law firm that he knows, who handled my case and my father in laws case, they did absolute miracles, towards winning our”Traffic Tickets” . Mark Anthony have done so much for me and my father in law in these few months of knowing him and his team. I’m driving once again thanks to him, honestly didn’t think I would get my license back after all those tickets, but his team fought until my license was unsuspended. I’m grateful for his team for winning a very strong case. My father in law also had a few tickets that added up to a fine of $15,000 and 1 year suspension. The first thing I did was call Mark Anthony, told him what happened, gave him the details and I just couldn’t believe how he got his team to win my father in laws case, dropped all his tickets it just flew out the window, also dropped his 1 year suspension and my father in law just ended up paying the court a fine of $400. Mark Anthony has a very strong team behind him I would personally recommend him to anyone that needs to fight their traffic tickets he will definitely refer you to the best paralegal to represent your case and you will definitely walk out with some freedom and absolute happiness. Thanks once again to Mark Anthony & his team for getting our life back on track much appreciated don’t really have the words to explain how thankful I am.

Sonal Mody

I have first hand experience with this company’s professional service. They have always been honest and tells me what i need to know not what i want to hear. They always answered my calls late evenings as well as in weekends. What i like the most is their staff is very experienced and they have access to former police prosecutors. I have always referred my family and friends to them.

sangeevdas eeswaradas

i currently work for car rental agency, one of my customer got stunt driving, i reffered the client to ontario legal ltd, excellent refferal agency till today the client has licence till today, they are 24 hour service referral. good job ontario legal.

Sacha Salickram

I have been involved with a ton of legal offices in my past with working in the legal industry, and Ontario Legal has to be the absolute best experiences I’ve had with both business and personal matters. I had gotten 4 traffic tickets and all I had to do was take a picture of the ticket and send it over and it was completely out of my hands. The ease of access was incredible, I didn’t have to take any time out of my day to go to their office or go to court! I trusted them completely and it was definitely well worth it. As a result, ALL of my tickets have been withdrawn! Thank you SO much Ontario Legal, I will refer you to everyone I know!

Abdul Kareem Majidzadeh

Helped my mother with her case. Took care of everything made it so easy and stress-free he has help a few of my other friends saved one guy’s license I’ve known him for a long time and there’s no one better than him I will always go back

Alyssa Ameer

Mark and his team have gone above beyond not only for myself but another family member as well, no matter what time of day it is he can always be reached and he acts on the matter very quickly. I have called his last minute for his help and he has always delivered. I would recommend him to anyone that needs a lawyer. Definitely would use him for any further matters