Now that we are in the winter season, I have noticed innumerable breakdown of cars on the roads which caused a lot of traffic problems and some accidents . It is so very important to properly prepare your car for the winter.

Preparation includes, not only changing to snow tires for those who do, but involves proper maintenance for the winter. As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

To keep it healthy, here are a few tips to properly prepare your car for winter driving as advised by the experts . If you cannot do it yourself, take it to have a proper service and winter preparation done by the professionals :

Always ensure your gas tank is above half-full. Condensation can build up in a near-empty gas tank in extremely cold temperatures, and this can cause fuel line freeze-up and no-start conditions. Never going below half-full will ensure you have plenty of gas to run your car and heater in the case of an emergency. But if this happens, always remember to crack the window a little to keep fresh air coming in.

Again, ensuring you have good visibility is integral to staying safe while driving through a heavy snowfall. Ensure your heater, front and rear defroster are working properly.

Top up your windshield washer fluid and use one that includes antifreeze. Running out at an inopportune time could be dangerous, so always keep a spare container in your trunk. Antifreeze ensures that ice would not build up on your windshield and make it hard for you to see.

Check the condition of your wiper blades and if they need replacing, please do so. Always remember to turn off your wipers before shutting off your vehicle. Many of us do not see the harm in simply turning off our vehicle while the wipers are on, but it is very easy for them to get frozen in place. Once that happens, they will attempt to move back into place when you start your car next, and this struggle can cause damage to the motor.

As the temperature drops, so does the power output of your car’s battery. If the battery does not have sufficient power to initiate the starter, the result will be a dead car. To avoid this situation, take your car to a local auto shop and get the battery tested. Most shops do not  charge much to test the battery and some will even examine it for free. Replace the battery if necessary. While the battery is out, clean the battery terminals and connectors with a brush and a mixture of baking soda and water. A dab of petroleum jelly afterwards will help prevent corrosion.

Check your engine oil level and if you need a top up or change, then do so. After all, it is called the lifeblood of any vehicle.

Also, in addition to putting on your snow tires, please ensure that your tires are properly inflated. For people who do not have snow tires, please consider getting some, as improper road traction causes accidents which can be fatal.

In conclusion, if you have not  already performed the proper winter care on your car , it is never  too late to do so.  Please  do so as soon as possible to avoid any problems or accidents on the road.