People are still not obeying the new law which came into effect Jan. 1 /16 , which deals with pedestrians on crosswalks. They take chances on not being caught.  What is the hurry when you can endanger people’s lives ? If you need to get somewhere on time or in a hurry, then leave your home a little early as you never know what the traffic conditions are like and therefore you would not have to take foolish chances which you will later regret. The law clearly states that you have to wait until the crosswalks have been completely cleared on pedestrian controlled crosswalks . The law was implemented for a reason. It is because there had been too many accidents caused by motorists who were crossing while pedestrians were still on the crosswalks. Therefore, please obey the law and have consideration to your fellow citizens. These accidents  cause injuries or deaths and may involve children as well. I do not believe that you would want to carry this unnecessary guilt with you for the rest of your life. Needless to say, you will also have a criminal record and your insurance rates would also be severely hiked.

People who put their indicators on and do not wait until it is safe to change lanes. They think that once they put them on , then it becomes their right to change lanes instead of waiting until it is safe to do so. This causes many accidents or near accidents which can involve several vehicles and in some cases result in serious injuries or even death to several people. This can have very bad repercussions on you, not only with police charges laid against you but also from your insurance.

Why do people need to put such heavily tinted glass in their car ?. In the first place, it is very unsafe to other drivers on the road as it obscures some of their vision , and secondly, you can be charged for so doing.
I also do not understand the benefit of this other than for style or to hide whoever is in the car. Why is this necessary ? It certainly is not stylish but rather foolish. Stay at home if you do not want anyone to see you. A little tint maybe ok for glare , but then again you can always wear a pair of shades if you feel you need more.