I have to talk about a few things which have been bothering me for awhile :


The majority of trucks whose drivers consistently speed on the highways. It would appear that most truck drivers have the mentality that because their trucks are big  that they can intimidate car drivers . They are forever overtaking the cars and doing so recklessly . It is an extremely dangerous  habit especially in the winter months.  This habit causes innumerable accidents and as we so often see sometimes causes roll overs of their trucks resulting in serious injuries and possible deaths to both parties and their occupants.

Car drivers who consistently blast the music in their cars so the whole world can hear. It is a bad practice since it makes it difficult for the driver to hear any police sirens or ambulances so they can act accordingly.  In addition , it is very distracting not only to the car driver but to other drivers or people who are close by.

Drivers who do not take proper caution when passing bicycle riders especially when making turns. There are far too many of these types of accidents which causes serious injuries and sometimes can result in death.

Young teenagers who practice the habit of speed racing. This is such a dangerous and reckless game as it can result in serious injuries or deaths not only to the drivers but to innocent people who were not involved in this practice, not to mention what it can do to their or their parents’ insurance . They can also be charged with serious driving offences which can result in severe fines and even possible jail and/ or loss of license. It can literally ruin their or their parents’ lives.
People who do not respect the speed limit in school zones. They appear to be always in a hurry and do not understand or care that they can hurt or possibly even kill children which could possibly be their own.

People who do not move aside to make way for emergency vehicles . They are either ignorant or not aware of the requirements which can result in them being charged. They do not realize or care that the emergency that these vehicles are rushing to could very well be a life or death situation .

This category also includes tow trucks. Slow down and move over. This could be you or a friend or relative in need of help at sometime or the other. You endanger the lives of the tow truck helpers when you do not.
Lastly, the winter season is fast approaching. There are people who knowingly drive on bad tires in the winter. They selfishly take the chance on getting to their destination without accepting the fact that they can cause very bad accidents which includes terrible injuries and deaths in the majority of cases not only to themselves but to other innocent people.
The RIDE and MADD programs are in force from November to January and you can be stopped and charged not only for drinking and driving but for various other driving infractions.