Ensure safety of the public

15081908_blogNow that winter is upon us, there are a few common sense matters that people need to think about to ensure safety of the public :

People who clean their driveways and put the snow back onto the roads that are just cleared .There is a reason why it was cleared in the first place, the reason being to ensure one’s safety from slipping and sliding when driving which can cause accidents and endanger one’s life.

People who do not clear the pedestrian walkway in front of their homes as they are required to within the specified time . Again, it is necessary to avoid accidents  especially to the older folk who can slip and fall and break their bones since they are susceptible to this. Remember that wet snow when down trodden can become very icy with the slightest drop in temperature. Also think of the disabled in wheelchairs and the women with babies in their strollers who also use these paths.

People who drive in the winter ( snow storm, slick roads, poor visibility , lots of traffic, Etc.) just as they do in the summer without any regard to the different conditions. This is especially applicable to the NASCAR wannabes who consistently speed and cut in and out in traffic. Please remember that this is always very dangerous especially at this time of year as it is not always easy to stop quickly and safely in these conditions.

People who refuse to clean off the snow on the roof of their cars. They only clear off their windshield enough for them to see to drive. This is very dangerous to drivers behind people who do not clear off the snow on the roof of their vehicles since  removing snow from the roof ensures that it won’t fly off while driving and obstruct the view of the driver behind you. Again, this can cause accidents as it is not easy to quickly stop safely in bad road conditions. This also applies to people who do not signal for proper lane changes. Although this can cause accidents all year round, it is more prone to occur in the winter months .

Toronto Police , OPP and CAA have launched a “winter driving safety program “, for those people who are not aware.