I have to voice my concerns about the irresponsibility and lack of conscience of hit and run drivers and drivers who run red lights.

In the case of hit and run drivers, I really do not know or understand their thoughts behind leaving the scene of the accident without any conscience or concern whatever as to the state or well being of either the pedestrian(s) or in the case of a vehicle, the other driver or passengers in the other vehicle (s) involved in the accident. Their only concern is for themselves getting away and not being caught. They know that most of the times it is because they were speeding or drinking or in most cases both of these things . Their fear is only for themselves and the punishment that they will have to endure for their wrong .The fact that they can live with themselves is beyond comprehension especially after they hear the news or read about it in the newspapers. Sometimes these unfortunate people can have serious injuries which can lead to lifelong problems which may include paralysis or even death.  We cannot blame it only on the teenagers as there are instances where they were adults. Maybe, the problem is with our laws in that the punishment for these activities is not severe enough. . .

Another case of irresponsibility is to do with drivers who take chances in running red lights.
Again, it is not only teenagers. I do not understand why so many people are always in a hurry to beat the red light. Where are they going that is so important that they risk injury or possible death to themselves or other parties involved .

People need to act responsibly and if you are late for an appointment or work, then leave a little early to avoid this situation . In most cases, this is not the problem. It is just a bad, nasty habit which can have serious consequences. Some people  will speed up when they see the yellow signal instead of slowing down and stopping. I was involved in an accident in which another guy sped up and ran the red light which injured both my baby daughter and myself. In this instance it was a matured fifty four year old man. . .