I have two traffic related beefs . . .


My first beef is with people who still text or are on their phone while driving even though there are laws that penalize you for doing so. These laws constitute high fines and an increase of insurance rates.

They do not want to believe that they can cause an accident and possible injuries or death, not only to themselves but to other people. They think that they are invincible. Everyday we hear on the news of accidents that occur yet people take chances. It bugs me when I am driving and passes someone who is texting or are on their phone. The sad thing about this is that it is not only young people but educated business people as well. I wish that I could do something about it without causing a distraction for myself . . .

My second beef is with people who practice road rage for road infractions which they perceive were done to them by other drivers . It is just pure and simple ignorance . Once again, they do not realize or want to believe that their actions can cause serious accidents not only to themselves but to other people in other cars or possibly even pedestrians depending on whether they are on the highway or not. These accidents not only cause injuries but in most cases they result in death to innocent people .

They just do not seem to care about anyone but are only interested in getting even for what they perceive were infractions done to them. I have been on the highway on many occasions where I have witnessed this silly practice being  done and all I can say is that it is the most dangerous and scariest thing ever.

The sad thing about this whole thing is that there never seem to be any police around when these practices which include near accidents occur and therefore you never hear about them on the news or read about them in the papers. The only times you hear or read about them is when there are actual accidents or deaths which occur as a result .