My concern is with car insurance companies who try to gouge their clients


When you are shopping for a car insurance , you receive several quotes from different companies who claim to try and give you the best policy to suit your needs.
If or when you do have a claim, even though it is not your fault, your policy still goes up when it is time to renew that policy. I can understand your policy going up if you are at fault , but why does it go up if it is not your fault ? They try to tell you that it does not, but they do. Even if they do put it up by a minor amount, it would not be a concern, but some put it up by a substantial amount.
I have had a personal experience which convinces me that they put up your insurance for no reason whatsoever.
I was with this particular company , (whose name I will not  mention ), for  a number of years with no accidents and suddenly on renewal my policy went up by over $150.00. I began to shop around and got a reasonable quote from another insurance company and decided to go with them. I then called my insurance company and told them that I would not be renewing my policy with them. They wanted to know why and I told them that their quotation on my policy was unacceptable and that I got a better quote from another insurance company and was going with them. To my utter amazement, they told me that they could give me a better quote ! I could not believe what I was hearing ? I said ” what ?. Are you telling me that you can give me a lower rate ?” They said “yes”. This even made me more angry. I asked them if they could give me a better rate, why did they quote me such a horrible rate by increasing my policy and what was the justification in increasing my policy rate. They had none and said that it was the going market rate.
I told them that this was very bad business and certainly not a good way of keeping clients by treating them this way. I told them that even if they matched the quote I was given, I would not stay with them or ever recommend them to anyone as I did not like their disreputable tactics.
I then moved my policy to the other company and have been with them ever since and very happy.