Teenagers believe that somehow they are invincible
especially with regard to traffic violations.


Everyday you read about them either speeding, street racing, driving while drug impaired, driving while under the influence of alcohol , or talking and texting on the phone while driving.
Although they hear about what can happen and its subsequent consequences, they do not think that it will happen to them.They do not  seem to care that their actions can injure or kill someone and that they can also get hurt or have to spend a lot of their life in jail and/or in hospital. Sometimes they or their victims can be killed, permanently scarred or injured for life.They do not think of the impact it would have on their future lives with regard to their continuing education , jobs or a comfortable life. They do not think of the impact it can have on their parents, family and friends but continue to act in a selfish and thoughtless manner. Sometimes they end up bankrupting their parents who try to help to defend them in court by borrowing money and /or eventually having to sell their homes. Sometimes their parents even use up all of their retirement savings.

Parents need to try to instil these facts in their children’s heads as much as they are able to even if it is on a daily basis or whenever they get into a car to drive or to ride with a friend.
They also need to be aware that they should not get into a vehicle with anyone who has been drinking or is impaired because they also can get hurt or be killed.
Parents need to instil in their children to take an alternate method of transportation if they are ever placed in such a situation.
Teenagers like to be one of the crowd and will do things they know are wrong just for this fact.
They do not want to feel “left out” as they can be taunted.
Parents need to be aware of the friends their children hang out with by not letting down their guard.