6 Lessons I Learned From My DUI

This DUI has to be one of the hardest lessons that I had to learn. I was the ultimate soccer mom carpooling and going to all the out of town games with my son.   I used to love driving out of town and to the beach with my girlfriends. I was also the social butterfly in all my circles with friends, family and coworkers. Losing my license not only affected myself but it also affected the loved ones around me. Even though I am so grateful for the way the people in my life supported me through this ordeal, it was a great adjustment on everyone’s part to take up. We all know that we shouldn’t drink and drive but what we don’t know is what to do if we get caught and what to look for in hiring your representation. Here are some of the lessons that I learned that I want to share with you.

  1. Get lawyers that specialise in DUI’s. I decided to save some money and get a reputable criminal lawyer to represent me who was not a DUI specialist, but aside from postponing the case almost a year, he couldn’t do anything for me. The officer didn’t show up and my lawyer couldn’t provide any strategies for my case. I feel like people underestimate this lesson but this alone is the key to winning or losing your case.
  1. The lawyer you choose should make you feel like they can win or will at least fight trying. Your lawyer should make you feel like your case is important and that they are taking you seriously.
  1. Your license is worth fighting for. Whatever you do, don’t give up and plead guilty. At the end of the day, whatever the outcome is you want to be proud that you did everything you could have done to keep you license.
  1. A $50 cab ride will save you the consequences of paying $2,500-$30,000 in lawyer fees to fight your DUI case, but if you get caught pay the money to fight.
  1. You will freeze on the bus in the winter if you don’t have a license to drive and you won’t like being restricted to taking the bus in order to live your life.
  1. If you drive be prepared for anything. Research a lawyer specialising in DUI’s beforehand and keep their card in your glove compartment or in your purse/wallet so you know who to call if anything happens. Be on the offence instead of the defence with the police.

When it comes to drinking and driving don’t depend on your feelings. I was almost home when I got stopped by RIDE and I blew way over the limit. Stick to the 2 drink rule regardless how you feel.   Even though I was disappointed at my representation, I am grateful that I didn’t get into an accident or kill anyone. The only regret I do have is that I did not hire the lawyers that specialised in DUI’s only because I wanted to save money. Just because they are lawyers doesn’t mean that they specialize in DUI’s. Hopefully you won’t make the mistake I did. I wish I knew about Ontario Legal Ltd and their DUI lawyers when I was charged with my DUI offence.

I’m so happy I found a company like Ontario Legal Ltd. who have access to lawyers who specialize in DUI’s and Traffic Law. Now, at the very least, I can refer any family and friends that may need help in the future !