Expert In Reinstating Drivers Licenses


ONTARIO LEGAL LTD. is an expert in reinstating drivers licenses that have been suspended for demerit points, unpaid fines and ministry of Transportation suspensions. In most cases, our referred lawyers and paralegals can reinstate your Drivers Licenses in less that 10 business days.

Just imagine yourself or a friend not being able to drive for many years. Now being able to drive in less than 2 weeks.

In most cases, if you had to come to us before your Divers License Suspension . . .you may NOT have been suspended at all !!

If you are a Novice Driver (G1 or G2), your suspension may most likely be caused by an accumulation of too many demerit points. By using our service, we  can save your demerit points and therefore, preventing a possible license suspension.

In addition by using our service, in most cases, you will never ever have to attend court or even attend your trial date. Therefore, you do not have to miss work, or school or even have to leave your home.

Have peace of mind knowing that an experience Lawyer and/or Paralegal is representing you in court. An agent, who has the knowledge, experience and legal background to WIN your case.

All of our referred Lawyers and Paralegals are members of the Law Society Of Upper Canada and are all in good standing.